Always wash your wrap before using it. First check carefully for any flaws. Please remind a washed, ironed or used wrap cannot be returned or exchanged.

Always follow instructions

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the wrap. You cannot derive any rights from the information below. It’s a Wrap will be not responsible or held liable for any damage consequential to the use of this website or information on this website. This is just an indication and general information.


Before you wash your wrap you can soak for a night. Use only water or add some (white) vinegar. Soaking will remove the appret which is used during the weaving process.

  • You CAN soak: (blends with) cotton, linen, hemp.
  • You CANNOT soak: (blends with) silk, wool, bamboo.


  • Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer which is delivered with your wrap. Don’t wash your first wash too cold. Washing will fixate the fibers on its place. A wrap with wool, silk or bamboo? Better wash in a handwash with the correct detergent. With wool: mind a fast temperature shift in the water (which might happen in your machine).
  • If you add other laundry with your wrap in your washing machine, mind velcro or other sharp things that could damage your wrap (like zippers or bra hooks). Also mind the colours.
  • Always use a detergent WITHOUT bleech. Bleech with demolisch the fabric. Use for a blend with wool a wool detergent without lanolin because this can cause stains on the non-wool fabric on your wrap.
  • Never use softner for your wraps. This can make it slippery.


  • Dry your wraps preferably lying flat, for instance on a towel on the floor, if this is possible. This is better for the fibers to stay in place. If your have a drying rack use all the space you have to get the least tension on your wrap. Wraps with silk, bamboo or wool you always dry laying on towels. These fabrics have a higher risk of stretching out.
  • Blends with cotton, linen or hemp can also be put in the dryer. Use a “cold” program. You can use some dryer-balls or tennisballs in it to get it softer.


  • Ironing is an important part of the washing ritual. It fixates the fibers. Iron regulary (on both sides) to keep your wrap in the best condition. Follow the heat instructions from the manufacturer which is delivered with your wrap. Be extra carefull with a blend which contains wool, silk or bamboo.

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