Soften your wrap

A soft wrap is easier and more enjoyable to use. Blends with wool, silk or bamboo are soft from the beginning. Because these are fragile fibers are advise you NOT to use the following tips on these blends.

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the wrap. You cannot derive any rights from the information below. It’s a Wrap will be not responsible or held liable for any damage consequential to the use of this website or information on this website. This is just an indication and general information.

The following accelerates the softening of the sling:

● Use it

● Ironing. Use the temperature according to instructions provided.

● Chain knot.

● Create a donut.

● Zig-zag zig-zag through the bars of the playpen, the crib, the stairs ..

● Twist the wrap. Put the wrap around one or more bars and twist twist twist until the wrap iscompletely twisted. Do not twist yourself, just the wrap..

● Go to bed – and take your wrap along with you. Or curl up on the couch and watch a movie lying on your wrap. Or put it in a pillow and sit on it. Slide the cloth still a bit so that it is soft everywhere.

● Turn your wrap into a swing for your children outside in a tree (take care for damages!) or a suitable ceiling hook. Or make a hammock in the playpen / crib or under the dining table.

● The dryer (on a cold program) with tennis balls, Lego blocks or dryer balls.

● Loan your wrap and let others do the heavy work. At your own risk ofcourse.

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