Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was an Italian composer, violinist, teacher and cleric. He is recognized as one of the greatest Baroque composers and his influence during his lifetime was widespread across Europe. His best-known work is a series of four violin concertos known as The Four Seasons which he composed around 1720. The texture of each concerto is varied, each resembling its respective season. They were a revolution in musical conception: in them Vivaldi represented for instance singing birds, buzzing mosquitoes, storms, dancers, silent nights, frozen landscapes, ice-skating children, and warming winter fires. Some of these can be discovered on our design.

Each colour represents a season, just like the concertos of Vivaldi. There are four versions of the design.

Vivaldi’s Inverno (winter), Vivaldi’s Autunno (autumn), Vivaldi’s Primavera (spring) and Vivaldi’s Estate (summer).

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