The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected ancient stories and legends during their lives. They were sent to them by women, which resulted in an omnibus of 201 stories and 10 legends, the first volume published in 1812. The books were titled “Kinder-und Hausmärchen” and the fairy tales were marked with a number instead of a title : KHM1 till KHM200. The legends are sometimes numbered KHM201 till KHM210.

In the Netherlands, the first translation was published in 1820. It was called “Sprookjes-Boek voor Kinderen.” (Fairytale-Book for Children). There are a lot of similarities with the wrap designed by us in 2014. Many women gathered stories, images and ideas that were compiled through a Facebook page with the current design as a result.

The name “Sprookjes-Doek” of course refers to the “Sprookjes-Boek”. It is like a sequel to the work of the Brothers Grimm but also a result in itself. We continue with the numbers 211 / 214. One year after the release of 211 we announced Sprookjes-Doek Happy Birthday.

All Sprookjes-Doeken are sold, but you can still check them out in our webshop. 


Sprookjes-Doek 211:

Tekening 211

Sprookjes-Doek 212:

Tekening 212

Sprookjes-Doek 213:

20141231_142714 (1)

Sprookjes-Doek 214:

Sprookjes-Doek 214
Sprookjes-Doek 214

Sprookjes-Doek Happy Birthday:


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