It’s a Wrap will sell your design: our terms and conditions

Did you design a woven wrap? You can sell it through It’s a Wrap. The buyers will have warranty under Dutch law.

These are our terms:

nb: Where you read “designers”, you can also read “designer”.


1 Communication

  1. You can put your request to sell your design through It’s a Wrap using the contact page of our website. Agreements and other communication that it is worth saving then proceeds through email. Communication through other channels such as Whatsapp and social media (Facebook) is useful to keep each other posted and to answer quick questions, but not for making agreements. It’s a Wrap takes only requests from the designers themselves.
  2. The terms and conditions are sent after receiving the request. We will continue to work together when both parties agreed.
  3. It’s a Wrap has direct contact with the weaver. This means that the designers won’t have in a certain point (when pre-order starts) to prevent confusion.
  4. It’s a Wrap will contact with the designers as soon as possible when there is news from the weaver.
  5. Buyers of the wrap are customers of It’s a Wrap. They order directly with us and we will contact customers about the ordering process. Customers can also contact us directly with questions.

2 Pre-order

It’s a Wrap loves to help designers see their dream wrap becoming reality.

  1. It’s a Wrap opens a pre-order for the wrap. This is subject to the terms and conditions of It’s a Wrap. These can be found on our website:
  2. It is possible to make an addition in the terms so only buyers who meet certain conditions (for example, were involved in the designing of the wrap) may place a pre-order. It is up to It’s a Wrap to decide whether the conditions proposed by the designers are reasonable and we want to cooperate. The details of such terms take place in agreement between the designers of the wrap and It’s a Wrap.
  3. The designers can advertise for the wrap as they think is the best way. On request of the designers only will It’s a Wrap loves to help mention the pre-order on its website, its Facebook page or in agreement with the weaver on his page.
  4. Only when the minimum requirements are met (minimum amount of orders), the pre-order will be converted to an actual order. When the requirements are not met, the pre-order will be cancelled and the money paid returned to the customers. It’s a Wrap is most of the time NOT willing to buy extra wraps in order to still reach the minimum requirement. This will be communicated by It’s a Wrap to customers during pre-order.
  5. It’s a Wrap will NOT order additional wraps to sell them in our webshop without permission of the designers. It’s a Wrap can order extra scraps at the weaver with a maximum of 2 meters per color.
  6. Designers of the wrap can receive a one-time discount on the purchase of a wrap. There are some extra terms and conditions. Please ask us about them.


3 The 30% extra woven

  1. When the wraps are woven and extras are available by the weaver (extra woven wraps), It’s a Wrap will buy them and offer them in our webshop.
  2. It is possible to make additional agreements about selling these extra wraps and perhaps scraps (other than possibly ordered by It’s a Wrap, see 2.4).

For example to offer those extra wraps to a select group before the general public gets the chance. This works as follows:

  1. The designers are responsible for making a list of interested people.
  2. It’s a Wrap contacts the designers when it is clear how much extra wraps are woven.
  3. The designers contact the members of the list.
  4. People buy their wrap directly at It’s a Wrap, we have direct contact with the customer.
  5. The wraps are sold at the retailprice of the weaver. Wraps are not offered cheaper or more expensive (for example, by auction).
  6. After a week (7 days) after It’s a Wrap has informed the designers about the amount of extra wraps, the list expires The wraps are in possession of It’s a Wrap and will be sold in our webshop.


4 Wraps not sold

  1. It’s a Wrap owns the wraps we bought after the list with interested people expires. Those wraps are put for sale in our webshop.
  2. The wraps will be sold following retail pricing.
  3. It’s a Wrap can decide to:
  • Put wraps on sale (% discount)
  • Use wraps for promotional activities like an auction or a raffle
  • Cut wraps and sell them like scraps
  • Use them to sew articles like fluffy animals or bags and sell those articles.


We like to participate in the realization of your dream design. Therefore we are happy to talk about our terms and conditions when they are unclear or, for whatever reason, seem unreasonable.


It’s a Wrap


Version: 28th of february 2015


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